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We're proffesional Solar lantern manufacturer and wholesaler located in Shenzhen of China, please feel free to check the list to find out what's your favourite products, our products and service also cover Solar lantern, Power Bank, Usb Fan, Selfie Stick, Car charger, Bluetooth speakers, Adapter Connector, and Travel Adapter,
We provide wholesale and custom service for all our Solar lantern, you may simply send us a quote by clicking the inquire button at the product page if you get the exact products around our site to get our reply during 12 hours, or you may contact us for further help about other related products quote from us.
Solar lantern,Solar LED,Solar LED LampSOLAR LANTERN,Various on function, common style, charge reminder , battery indicator, normal white light (segment flashing mode switch: the brightest, brighter, bright, flashing), color conversion light (red, blue, green, purple, yellow, white, flashing, etc.), with a remote control switch, without remote control switch, light sensing lights etc., customization is accepted by style or function.
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