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Basing on the internet, LinkWhere provides customers with the fastest growing industry of information and the best quality products and services. is a global online marketplace located in Shenzhen, which is the forefront of China's reform and opening up and the world's electronics manufacturers and wholesalers headquarter. Since 1990s the company is committed to the development of Solar lantern, Power Bank, Usb Fan, Selfie Stick, Car charger, Bluetooth speakers, Adapter Connector, Travel Adapter
 manufacturing industry, provide service to many world top 500 company . All of our products are certisficated by ISO9001 - 2000 and CE and UL standards. Now, in 2010, we established Nam Fong Industrial Co., LTD., set up a team including Web developer, Web Saler and Engineers, creating just as her name "Link is Everywhere "to use the Internet to serve global businesses.

In order to stand out of many competitors and make more and more people accept our sincere and fastest service to customers, we want to list our strengths here.

1、We are committed to resolving all the electronics choice,  promotional gifts design and manufacture.
2、We guarantee to provide you the best solution, fast and reliable shipping for samples and your oem or wholesale order depending on your requirement. We're the partner of UPS, DHL, and TNT agent in China.
3、All products will be strictly applied to quality requirements, environmental requirements. All the products pass ISO9001 - 2000 and CE and UL certification standards.
4、We manufacture most of the producst by ourself or our parter, which will help us reduce costs, and return more profit back to the customer.
5、We bring all the products one year warranty here, in accordance with the laws of each country, regulatory requirements.
6、Professional and dedicated pre-sales and customer service. has been trying to do the best service to our customers, always believed that honest friend is a friend forever.

We strive to be your trusted partner.

We are committed to:
  24/7  customer service.
  The most efficient solution for all your work.
  Strictly product quality control, provide you the best quality products.
  In terms of transportation to achieve the fastest, most secure track.
  Provide you the latest technical information and new products in the market.

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